Discover the innovative world of Injection Moulding Composite Bonding at Merrylee Dental Practice – a cutting-edge cosmetic dental procedure now available for booking. This state-of-the-art technique offers a minimally invasive way to transform your smile, seamlessly repairing chips, gaps, and discolorations with precision and artistry. Usman and his team use the latest technology in composite bonding, ensuring a natural-looking, durable result that harmonises beautifully with your natural teeth. Embrace the opportunity to enhance your smile with this advanced dental solution at Merrylee Dental Practice. Book your appointment today and take the first step towards a more confident, radiant smile!

Process for Injection Moulded Composite Bonding

1. Scanning and Designing

iTero Scanning: The process begins with capturing high-resolution digital images of your teeth. It’s a swift, accurate, and comfortable method that eliminates the need for the cumbersome traditional impressions.

ExoCAD Design: Following that, we employ cutting-edge software to tailor a smile that complements you flawlessly. The focus is on achieving a natural look and comfortable feel for your new teeth.

2. Crafting Your Custom Mould

Perfecting the Fit with Exaclear: A custom mould is crafted to align with your new tooth design, serving as an exact guide to guarantee a precise fit.

3. Preparing Your Teeth

Preparing, Etching, and Bonding: We meticulously ready your teeth to ensure the new material adheres securely. This step is crucial for establishing a foundation for a durable and attractive smile

4. Moulding Your New Smile

Composite Injection: The creation of your new teeth involves filling the mould with a special composite material. It’s akin to filling a jelly mould, but with the added precision of advanced technology!

Guaranteeing a Flawless Fit: We meticulously confirm that the material settles seamlessly into the mould, creating an exact representation of your envisioned smile.

Solidifying the Material: A specialised light hardens the composite, transforming it into a durable, tooth-like structure. This crucial process ensures your new teeth are robust and prepared for use.

5. Finishing Touches

Polishing and Shaping: Your new teeth are perfectly shaped and polished. It’s like the final touch on a masterpiece, ensuring they blend seamlessly with your natural teeth.

Benefits of The Injection Moulding Technique

One of the most ground breaking developments in dental technology is the adoption of injection-moulded composite. This advanced approach comes with numerous advantages:

Precision and Natural Look: The composite material seamlessly matches the tooth’s colour for a natural appearance. Pre-whitening planning ensures a perfect colour match.

Adaptability: Ideal for nearly every patient, including the young who wish to preserve healthy tooth material. Whether it’s for a single tooth or several, this method offers unparalleled adaptability, with uniform thickness ensuring perfect fitting to the tooth’s surface.

Tooth Structure Preservation: This approach minimises the need to alter the natural tooth, preserving as much of the original structure as possible, a key benefit for those aiming to keep their natural teeth intact.

Accuracy and Efficiency: The process facilitates precise placement and moulding of the composite, streamlining the procedure for both the dentist and the patient.

Longevity and Care: The composite is highly polishable and resistant to staining. While regular upkeep may be needed, additional precautions like bite plates or occlusal guards are recommended for individuals prone to teeth grinding.